Make better quotations & comparisons faster.

omni:us Policy delivers structured data from highly complex policy documents to streamline your processes.

Unlock your full process potential at scale.


Faster policy analysis


Cost reduction

Key Benefits

Boost Efficiency

by automating classification & extraction of all relevant data from policies and supporting documents.

Simplify Application Process

by instantly having all contract details from an existing policy at hand and supporting mobile uploads.

Increase Upselling Potential

by analysing existing policies in seconds to place counter proposals in minutes.

Reduce Costs

by drastically increasing workload processing efficiency & accuracy.

Speed Up Validation

by instant information, if required documents exist and are valid.

Seamlessly Integrate

into existing workflows, processes & legacy systems without changing them with fully flexible deployment options.

Get structured data from all the documents that matter.

  • Policies
  • Supporting Documents

Key Features

Multipage Classification

Form Extraction

Handwritten Text Recognition

Multi-Layout Extraction

Optical Character Recognition

Unlimited Layout Extraction

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