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At omni:us, we are using cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise to build transformative business applications that reshape the future of work.

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Together we tackle the world’s biggest and most interesting business challenges with artificial intelligence.

Who we are

We are a team of leading scientific engineers, award-winning researchers, senior full-stack developers and experts in product development, marketing & sales – led by an experienced management team that collectively has over a dozen ventures under its belt and that combines strong founding, business to business & corporate experience.

What drives us


We are pioneering in building scalable AIaaS products that solve the world’s biggest and most interesting challenges in dealing with unstructured data. The result is our clients’ leadership in an age of ongoing digital evolution.


At omni:us we work with artificial intelligence that is powered by you & us. We nurture and protect a caring environment of trust, transparency, diversity, equality, responsibility, growth, sustainability, customer success and joy.


omni:us helps humans and enterprises to augment their capabilities & focus on what they are good at – to better fulfil their goals and to deliver superior value to customers and the world around them.

Where we are heading

Enterprises around the world are using omni:us products to vanguard their digital transformations. We are building products towards future where unstructured data functions as an enabler, not a hurdle. A world in which humans can focus on high-value tasks, and industries can use data to reinvent themselves – to better fulfil their goals they have set out to excel at, and to deliver value to customers and the world around them.

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