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omni:us AI automatically processes orders without touching the end customers IT environment.

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  • Variability: incoming orders (often extractions of all kinds of ERP applications) are characterized by similar structures, but highly variable document layouts
  • Terminology: the same product is often labeled differently dependent upon client. A consolidation of labelling before the order is placed in the order management application needs to be conducted
  • Kilos versus Meters: one product might be ordered both in meters as well as in kilos – a conversion in line with the master file data of the order management application is required

Order process optimization at its best.

In industries with high volume / low value order transactions such as wholesale, order processes typically cannot be standardized and are therefore often carried out manually. This process is therefore often costly and time consuming as well as defective. At the same time an automated electronic data interchange hard to implement as customers with low volume and value orders do not have a need nor a financial interest to adopt their IT environments to a standardized system. A solution that automatically processes these orders without touching the end customers IT environment is therefore the ideal solution.


Faster order processing


Costs reduction

Key Benefits

Reduce Costs

Increase workload processing efficiency & accuracy.

Execute Faster

Overcome traditional limitations of manual workloads by automated classification & semantic extraction of relevant data from incoming orders.

Increase Accuracy

Reduce errors associated with manual data entry to increase data quality.

Key Features

Multipage Classification

Form Extraction

Handwritten Text Recognition

Multi-Layout Extraction

Optical Character Recognition

Unlimited Layout Extraction

Time to optimize your quotation process.


Martin Micko


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