Freight Document Processing

omni:us takes care of freight document processing at scale with AI-powered classification & data extraction.

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  • Variability: the documents that need to be processes typically are characterized by a high level of variability
  • Big volumes: different types of unstructured claim documents (emails, incident reports, invoices, etc.)
  • Low Quality: scanned documents, faxes, handwriting
  • Multipage: different types of documents, all within one single pdf

Smart document processing at scale.

Omni:us receives all incoming freight documents and first classifies the documents into different categories such as CMR documents, Bill of Landing, etc. For each of those classes, the relevant labels are extracted (such as sender, carrier, etc.) and provides the results back to the processing company.


Faster document processing


Costs reduction

Key Benefits

Reduce Costs

Increase workload processing efficiency & accuracy.

Execute Faster

Overcome traditional limitations of manual workloads by automated classification & semantic extraction of relevant data from all incoming freight documents.

Increase Accuracy

Reduce errors associated with manual data entry to increase data quality.

Key Features

Multipage Classification

Form Extraction

Handwritten Text Recognition

Multi-Layout Extraction

Optical Character Recognition

Unlimited Layout Extraction

Automate your freight documents handling now.


Martin Micko


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