Automating Insurance
Claims Processing

omni:us gives you a competitive edge by accelerating your claims process.
Our AI seamlessly classifies and extracts crucial data from submitted claim documents.

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  • Sheer volume: huge variation in document formats (emails, incident reports, invoices, etc.)
  • Low quality: scanned documents, faxes, handwriting
  • Multipage: various documents in single PDF require division
  • Complex: claim-to-policy matching, adjusting and validation is highly time consuming

Delivering speed & efficiency at scale.

One of the major operational hurdles of insurance companies is claims handling. In the event that something unexpected happens, the insurant files a claim with its insurance provider. The claims service receives the claim and is responsible for getting all the relevant information into the insurers’ system, adjudicating on granting remittance or not, then actually issuing the payment to the customer.

A smooth workflow is required for guiding the claim through this process in the fastest possible way. Even the most efficient operations struggle to deliver an ideal customer experience. Therefore the insurance industry is constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.



Faster claims processing


Cost reduction

Key Benefits

Increase Accuracy

Reduce errors associated with manual data entry to increase data quality and further prevent fraud & litigation.

Boost efficiency

Overcome traditional limitations of manual workloads by automated classification & semantic extraction of relevant data from unstructured claims documents.

Grow Retention

Customers evaluate the performance of insurance products when they need to be paid. Time-to-settle is key. omni:us helps you speed up the metric that is paramount to your customer base.

Key Features

Multipage Classification

Form Extraction

Handwritten Text Recognition

Multi-Layout Extraction

Optical Character Recognition

Unlimited Layout Extraction

Turn claim processing speed into a competitive advantage.


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