Last summer, there were multiple distinct industries in our cross-hairs, as potential markets suited to our AI-a-a-S.

We realized that our approach was fundamentally changing the way companies in these industries work. We decided to focus, as a company at our stage needs to set priorities… and with such an elephant-sized target our shot would not have made much of a dent.


Spreading yourself too thin and focusing energy unwisely is a notorious trap for a young company such as ours.

After much research & deliberation… we found a mission, and an ideal market fit for our technology.

The mission for 2018? To be Europe’s most successful AI company in the insurance industry.

I am not one for ambiguity – people who know me understand this! So it was vital to arrive at a clear-cut and crystal goal.

There are still screws to tighten and things to iron out. Näturlich! We still have much to figure out and calibrate. But for now, the clear path makes things a lot smoother than before.